Any cosmetic changes you may desire on Captive Spirit photographs of face or body can usually be made for you through digital retouching. Captive Spirit can provide you with tasteful modifications that look realistic and enhance a good image of you. Examples include: smoothing facial lines, evening out blotchy skin tones, removing blemishes, fixing stray hairs or wrinkled clothing, slimming down a thigh or arm, putting light under a hat brim to bring out the eyes, adjusting a crooked tie, etc.

Your favorite shot of you can become a treasured image depicting the very best of you even if it was taken on a day that wasn't exactly your very best day. Ask for details and a quote for what you have in mind.

While many cosmetic enhancements can be made to the human subject, some can also be made to horses such as an untidy braid being fixed, stray forelock hair being removed or a tail thickened when it appears smaller than real life size such as when it is obscured in a particular shot but shown clearly in another. However, Captive Spirit will never make changes to a horse's conformation or way of going, as these are changes that would impact much more than just the beauty of an image. Please feel free to discuss any ideas you have about digital retouching that might enhange your favorite Captive Spirit photos.
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