Captive Spirit Photography

What is Personal Portraiture for Family, Children & Pets?


If you want photos done in a beautiful outdoor setting and want to have a fun time doing it, this is for you. Who wants to go sit in a stuffy boring studio? And who feels most at home there? A personal session can include just you or you & your spouse or family, your dog or cat or any other subject you wish to include. Your session will be customized to give you the look you'd like to capture whether that is a flower garden setting, a green park, a lake or the desert, any of which can be formal or casual, sharp & crisp or soft & dreamlike, fun, friendly or even a bit goofy. We are limited only by imagination as to subjects, settings, wardrobe, props, activities, etc.. We will discuss what you want to accomplish and structure the session to ensure your goals are met. I focus on helping you enjoy your session and try to make sure you don't feel as if you are posed frozen like a statue. We'll use props, activities and locations to give you portraits that reflect the real subject, their life and their interests. We might shoot some sports play, musicians with their instruments, a lazy picnic at the park, hanging in the pool or any number of concepts that say "you" perfectly. These are so much more intimate and revealing than posing on a stool in front of background paper.

Why would I want to have Family, Child or Pet Portraits taken?

Lots of reasons! To hang on your wall, put on your desk, carry in a brag book, give as gifts to all your relatives & friends, to have beautiful photos that will become lasting tributes that truly show the essence of you, your child, your pet or the relationship between you and your loved one(s). Many clients feel as if their dog or cat is part of the family and so they include them in the family session and some do a session of just the pet. Who doesn't want great natural looking shots of their child that show the special spirit of the child rather than stock studio poses from school or discount studios? With Captive Spirit sessions, custom real life photos result which are bound to become treasured heirlooms to be passed on for generations.


What's included and what does it cost?

See the latest detail on this package by clicking on SUMMARY on the SERVICES page -- this is the same session as the Personal Portrait session outlined there, just not focused on the equine but rather on human and pets as you wish.


Can I customize this package?

This session may be customized with "add-a-subject" which is recommended to let you do a session on another grouping or individual after I shoot the initial subject.


Important Points about this Session:

LICENSING: No rights are granted for the reproduction or commercial use of any images as these are intended for your personal viewing use rather than for advertising/promotional use. If an advertising license for any of the images is desired at some future date, one can be negotiated for an appropriate fee.

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: For most sessions, there will be no additional expenses but in all cases, additional expenses such as model fees, props, handlers, stylists, location fees, etc.. are billed to the client. Staging fees required to hire required models, stylists or to book locations or rent props, etc. or additional hours on location over those shown in the packages are billed at $100/hr. Travel fees are .65/mile beyond 50 miles round trip from Scottsdale AZ if driven plus lodging/airfare/associated costs if applicable.

GOODWILL DEPOSIT: A deposit of $200 will be required to hold your appointment and is nonrefundable if you cancel for any reason other than one upon which we mutually agree such as inclement weather, health problems, emergencies, etc.. The balance for the session is due and payable at the time of the session.

PRINTS & OTHER PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Quantity pricing at reduced rates is available for large orders of enlargements. We can provide high quality 4 color glossy materials such as postcards, greeting cards, brochures, etc.. Art quality prints made on watercolor paper, art papers or even canvas are available and in sizes limited mostly by your imagination. Art effects and Spirit Montages are other one-of-a-kind art options to truly memorialize your portrait. See the ART link for details. Digital retouching, Ad Design, Web Design and Branding & Identity services and other business services are also available - see the ORDER page for details.