Captive Spirit Photography

What is Equine Commercial Portraiture & Action Photography?  

This type of session is designed to get the compelling yet revealing images a breeder, stallion owner, trainer or other equine professional needs to market their products and services in print ads, brochures or on the web. We customize your session to highlight the critical aspects of your horse or equine business in a compelling way to help draw clients to you through a strong, captivating and distinctive image. Those critical points can include: conformation, expression, athletic development & ability, temperament, facilities and services. We can do photos that strictly follow the tradition of the discipline/breed or we can push the envelope on tradition and go for a dramatic "artsy" feel. I am well experienced to shoot these types of action: dressage, jumping, free jumping, driving, in hand, reining, and any of the rail type movement specific to the breed you own including gaited horses. It's in your hands but I will help you in our pre-shoot planning session to ensure your custom session will meet your goals.

Why would I want to have Commercial Portraits & Action Photos taken?

The most obvious reason - ADVERTISING. It makes the world go around and YOU NEED GREAT IMAGES to draw attention to your product whether that product is equine reproduction, stock sales or training services. We live in a visual world and an image that stands out will get noticed. What doesn't get noticed are images that look like all the rest. Advertising is multi-billion dollar business that works for you or against you depending on the image you project.


Okay, so you can advertise in magazines but what else might you want to use these photos for? Your brochures, sales flyers, premium/prize list/program advertising and your web site. Display at your farm or barn or at shows is good too.

TIP: You also might want photos on print products like color glossy postcards, greeting cards & business cards that you can use to create a memorable branded image of your business by sending these for every business correspondence. We can provide these types of products for you or you may find your own supplier. For example, clients order 1000 copies of a postcard leaving the back blank. Later, they can jot personal notes on the blanks as needed AND run 100 blanks through their ink jet announcing their latest promotion or open house or even to send as holiday greetings or party invitations.

The uses for great photos are endless - and every use helps you create and reinforce a strong visual image of your business in the minds of the recipients who are your customers and potential customers. Building a strongly compelling & memorable Advertising Image is key to elevating the scope of your business. We can help you build your business by providing outstanding images for your advertising efforts and print and web products that help promote your business.  


And of course, you can still use these images for your personal enjoyment: to hang on your wall, put on your desk, carry in a brag book, give as gifts to all your relatives & friends (if you're in the shots!) trainer, etc.. And you will always have beautiful photos that truly show the spirit of your horse which you will cherish long after he is no longer with you.

What is included & how much does it cost?

See the latest detail on these Advertising Packages by clicking on SUMMARY on the SERVICES page

Can I customize this package?

This session may be customized by adding a second horse or subject. Many commercial clients want head shots/body shots most of all so they have plenty to choose from for their advertising needs. But then after a full session period elapses on head/body/conformation, they opt for additional shooting time to get action or liberty shots which are also nice ways to show what a horse really looks like. Some stallion owners/breeders choose to do a session on progeny available on site so that they can also use those photos to show what their clients might expect from a breeding. Others like to highlight the temperament by showing the stallion calmly interacting with people or showing their spirited side. We will do as much as we can in the allotted session time based on your needs and you can opt for more time if you need it.


Important Points about this Session:

LICENSING: See licensing details by clicking on SUMMARY on the SERVICES page

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: For many sessions, there will be no additional expenses but in all cases, additional expenses such as model fees, handlers, props, stylists, location fees, etc.. are billed. Staging fees required to hire models, stylists or to book locations or rent props, etc. and additional hours on location over those shown in the packages are billed at $100/hr. Travel fees are .65/mile beyond 50 miles round trip from Scottsdale AZ if driven plus lodging/airfare/associated costs if out of state.

GOODWILL DEPOSIT and PAYMENT: A deposit of $350 will be required to hold your appointment and is nonrefundable if you cancel for any reason other than one upon which we mutually agree such as inclement weather, health problems, emergencies, etc.. The balance for the session is due and payable at the time of the session.

PRINTS & OTHER PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Quantity pricing at reduced rates is available for large orders of enlargements you might need for your promotional campaign. We can also provide high quality 4 color glossy promo materials such as postcards, greeting cards, brochures, etc.. to help you meet your advertising & promotional goals. Art prints made on watercolor paper, art papers or even canvas are also available and in sizes limited mostly by your imagination. Art effects and custom Spirit Montage are other one of a kind art options available to you. Digital retouching, Ad Design, Web Design services are also available - see the ORDER page for details.