Copyright & Commercial Licensing Policy
All images created by Captive Spirit and all site content herein are owned solely by Captive Spirit and may NOT be reproduced, scanned, copied, projected, altered or used in any advertisement, brochure, promotion, web site or editorial article without express written permission from Captive Spirit. It is a violation of Federal Copyright law to use any Captive Spirit image for any purpose other than personal without written permission and payment of appropriate Use License fees. Unauthorized use can result in fines several times greater than the usual & customary purchase cost of a use license plus automatic award for payment by the infringer of any & all attorney's fees incurred by Captive Spirit in pursuit of damages as provided for by Federal Copyright law. See links to the left for more details & to read actual Federal Copyright Law. Captive Spirit will pursue damages for any unauthorized uses of Captive Spirit images or site content. To view Captive Spirit's prices for certain types of uses  by Show clients CLICK HERE .

Limited Uses Allowed: Prints are sold with personal viewing rights only. Personal viewing rights do not include display in a place of business, use in ads or on business related materials including the web. If you have purchased a print 5x7 or larger from Captive Spirit, you may also purchase a web version of the same photo for  a nominal fee for use on your personal web site. Your personal web site may NOT include commercial activity or promotion of any type for the sales of goods or services. You may not alter the image and you must include a link to along with the following photo credit:  © 

A $100 fee per image will be charged if you fail to provide a link and photo credit to Captive Spirit or if you fail to inform Captive Spirit of the URL where the image is posted. Captive Spirit reserves the right to revoke any web use even if by license if the display is not of adequate quality in Captive Spirit's subjective opinion.

Of course, you may display your prints in your home or office and give them as gifts which are all types of personal viewing use.

Types of Uses that MUST be Licensed :

Yearbooks & Annuals - If you or your horse are to be included in a yearbook or annual of recognition for your breed/discipline organization, you may request a release without a minimum order. There is a $30 digital file transmission fee per image sent and per publication which will includes a license for the editorial use at no greater size than 3"x4". It only applies where rider/owner is NOT paying magazine for image inclusion. All yearbook/annual images are sent as digital files direct by Captive Spirit to the publishing party. Consequently, you must provide full detail for the contact at the publication at the time of your order. License includes mirror use on publication's web site for up to 6 months if applicable. Yearbook/Annual use requires a photo credit for both print and web uses without exception. This license does not include cover photos or full page use - publication must contact Captive Spirit directly for these types of major use to obtain express written permission and will be required to pay an editorial license fee which will vary with publication.

Advertising/Commercial - For Show Clients: to sell a horse or service such as training, breeding, boarding or instruction, for example. Advertising or Commercial use can be via print such as magazines, journals, brochures or other printed matter  OR via the Internet & other electronic media. Prices for Licenses for Print & Web Advertising specifically for Show clients  can be viewed at the LICENSE document which is linked on the ORDER page of this site. For all other clients: Any advertising or commercial use intended by anyone who is not a Show client of Captive Spirit will  require a custom quote for the licensing fee for the specific project. Please contact Captive Spirit with the details to obtain a custom quote.

Editorial - to complement an article, announcement or short feature  that is being written about you, your horse, the show, the facility, etc.

Traditional editorial use demands that the publication independently decide to feature a particular article because of it's appeal and then go get the story. However contemporary methods to make more income for publishers mean that some publications "sell" their feature stories including the cover photo spot. If as a Show client you are "buying" a feature story or a cover story, you are actually purchasing advertising and should consult the LICENSE document for applicable advertising fees.

If a writer/editor wishes to do a feature piece (meaning a true editorial use) on you, your horse, facility, etc., have them contact Captive Spirit to discuss Editorial Use License fees which will be negotiated directly with the publishing entity and may be granted at their normal and usual fees or Captive Spirit normal editorial license fees. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about copyright. It is an important group of rights that has been granted to artists and other creators so that these innovators might prosper from their works and thereby have an incentive to keep creating in the future.  The US government, including our founding fathers, were wise to consider and safeguard these rights through our laws. Many governments around the world also value these concepts and therefore have similar laws in place (Berne Convention).

A world without creative expression would be a sad and bleak one indeed. When  creative works are used without remuneration to the artist, it is not only a crime in most countries but it also hurts a small business and makes it more difficult for that business to continue to grow and bring improved products and services to you, the consumer.  Behind that small business is an artist with a family to provide for, a retirement to fund, etc. in addition to the unseen costs of running a business. Thank you for reading Captive Spirit policies on this important topic below.
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